What are our Aims?

We aim to:

Create affordable, sustainable homes, prioritised for people with local connection

  • Focusing on areas within the CLT’s geographical boundary where the local plan has designated housing to occur.
  • Be the housing provider of choice (in partnership with like-minded organisations), rather than commercial house builders, ensuring local involvement based on need, engagement and subsequent occupation.
  • Provide housing which is sustainable, energy efficient and low-cost to run, and of good quality.

Protect local green spaces and public open space

  • Protecting current public open space, to promote community access and biodiversity
  • Identifying plots of land to maintain or develop as designated public areas for community use, rather than being built upon.

Help develop parishes’ Neighbourhood Plans 

  • To support any parishes in developing their Neighbourhood Plan
  • Where development needs to occur it is in line with the wishes of the local community.

Gain a diverse, informed and involved membership

  • To grow our community membership numbers, so they are from diverse backgrounds, reflective of the community and its needs.
  • For our membership to actively influence the Trust and its development.

Be an accountable, inclusive and transparent organisation 

  • To regularly inform the community on our work, and provide access to meetings, minutes and involvement in key decisions.
  • To encourage informed members of the community to transition into active members of the Trust.

Help enable change for sustainable communities, where we can 

  • In our projects and activities, explore what can be done more sustainably, to help communities reduce their carbon footprint.

Who are we?

Currently, Lune Valley CLT has the following Trustee’s:

Charles Ainger (Chair) is a retired Chartered civil engineer; a member and past director of Lancaster Cohousing, and involved in its management. He is passionate and active in education and change for sustainability, including housing, and previously a co-founder and member of Low Carbon Chilterns. He has lived in Halton since 2015. LV CLT Director-Trustees Declaration of Interests – Charles Ainger

Ann Denise Lanes spent the 1980s as a community work manager in Leicester and helped to set up a community architects’ practice there, before becoming a teacher, retiring in 2011. She is a volunteer fund-raiser and has lived in Halton since 2012. LV CLT Director-Trustees Declaration of Interests – Ann Denise Lanes

Chris Coates is a director of Lancaster Cohousing and was a founder member and core team member during the design and build programme. He is a construction project manager for community and voluntary groups, and previously a Lancaster City Council and Lancashire County Council councillor, with many years’ experience living in and running communal housing. He has lived in Halton since 2011. LV CLT Director-Trustees Declaration of Interests – C Coates

Steve Wrigley is a Director of Morecambe Bay Renewables and is a Chartered mechanical engineer, project manager and community energy expert. He has lived in Halton since 2011. LV CLT Director-Trustees Declaration of Interest – Steve Wrigley

Lois Hurst is currently undertaking PhD research into life cycle impacts of domestic retrofits, whilst simultaneously self-building and project managing her own low-energy retrofit in Halton. She has a background in Environmental Sciences and nine years’ in environmental consultancy and she recently qualified as a certified Passive House Consultant. Lois has lived in Halton since 2015. LV CLT Director-Trustees Declaration of Interests – Lois Hurst

Lune Valley CLT Secretary:

Jane Allder has a background in ICT and has worked for a number of local authorities at a senior level. She has lived in Halton since 2014.


Our partners and supporters: