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We are a member-led organisation, so all members have an equal voice during decision-making. Any interested person, association, institution or company who shares the aims of our organisation can join, by buying five £1 shares. As a cooperative, every member has one vote, however many shares they own. By joining, you are able to take part in our decisions and help shape what we do and how. If you wish to apply for membership please print out the form below and return with £5.

Alternatively contact us:

  • Lune Valley CLT, Company Secretary, Halton Mill, Mill Lane, Halton, Lancaster, LA2 6ND.

Affordable Housing Enquiries

If you are interested in renting: Please apply to join Lancaster City Council housing register. To apply, access Lancaster City Councils website here. The council will give you more information on criteria which applies to this scheme. 

If you are interested in shared ownership: Please email South Lakes Housing on to be added to their waiting list. Their housing allocation process operates on a first come first serves basis. Housing priority will be given to those who complete the full application process first. 

Shared ownership sales application process:
1. Once South Lakes Housing have commenced advertising, all shared ownership applicants must register with Help to Buy North West and complete the online shared ownership application for initial approval.

2. After you have completed the initial assessment with Help to Buy, an application pack will be sent containing a cover letter, the South Lakes Housing guide to shared ownership, scheme information and an application form. Applications should be returned within a set period.

3. South Lakes Housing will send confirmation of success following a 4-week deliberation period and invite you to an interview to confirm the identities of all those wishing to purchase and receive the relevant documents.

4. An affordability assessment will then be carried out. If you pass the affordability assessment, you will be sent a letter and be invited for your first viewing (the timing of this is dependent upon which stage of development the units are at).

Affordable Housing Recommend Reading

For rental properties: Lancaster City Council’s ‘Local Lettings Plan’ contains further information, including the application process (section 6), and selection process (section 7). Click here to view the ‘Local Lettings Plan’.

For shared ownership properties: South Lakes Housing ‘Shared Ownership Guide’ contains further information on the benefits, application process and finances involved in purchasing a shared ownership property. Click here to view the ‘Shared Ownership Guide’.

Community, climate and sustainability policy: This policy details opportunities residents will have to gain active roles within the scheme. Click here to view the policy.

Company Details

Registered Office: Lune Valley Community Land Trust Limited, Halton Mill, Mill Lane, Halton, Lancashire, LA2 6ND.

Community Benefit Society Ref. no. 7719

Exempt Charity Ref. no. EW89183