January Update


The option agreement to buy the Mill Lane site has been signed by the owner and by the CLT and contracts have just been exchanged! This represents real progress  for the project  and it will give the CLT six months to complete and submit the planning application for the housing development.

There was a slight lull in the pace of activity on the Mill Lane Community Housing scheme over the Christmas period but progress continues to be made.

The main news is that the Design Team, consisting of members of the CLT, South Lakes and John Gilbert Architects organised a CLT members’ drop-in on Monday February 17th at The Centre, Halton. The purpose of the drop-in was to give members a chance to view the two main design layout options for the housing development and feed back to the architects, who were present, along with other members of the design team.

Tree and Topographical surveys have been completed, and other site surveys will be commissioned in the near future, as we move towards being ready to apply for planning permission.

Our partners South Lakes Housing have recently submitted the grant application to Homes England for the funds to build the housing development on Mill Lane and discussions are now underway.

The local Housing Needs Survey has now been shared with neighbouring parishes. The survey results will help the area to plan future housing development based on actual housing need.

We continue to assist those involved with Forge Lane and Mill Lane Road Adoption. Things are moving forward slowly, and hopefully we will see more progress on both roads soon.

If you have any questions, or want to register an interest in a possible home on the Mill Lane site, please contact us at:  info@lunevalleyclt.org