June/July Update

Lune Valley CLT are planning to build  20 affordable, eco-friendly homes on Mill Lane, with support from Lancaster City Council and South Lakes Housing Association. The homes will be affordable both to rent/part-buy and to run e.g. low heating bills. The drop-in on Sunday June 9th at the Centre to publicise the scheme was a great success with around 50 local people attending. As well as ourselves, South Lakes Housing and Keswick Community Housing Trust were there to talk about their involvement in community-led and affordable housing schemes. We were able to publicise the local housing needs survey, which was funded by Lancaster City Council. The survey is now closed and the final report is expected in early August. The results, whilst feeding into the final composition of homes on the Mill Lane site, will also help Lancaster City Council and local parish councils to plan new housing developments based on genuine local need.  Many thanks to all those who completed the survey.

We also had a presence at the Centre’s Community Hub meeting on June 20th and St Wilfred’s Fair on 29th.  At all three events, people were able to register their interest in the homes on the Mill Lane development, as well as discuss any concerns they had, ask questions and leave suggestions.

If you would like further information about the Mill Lane development, register your interest in joining the CLT, and/or comment on the outline plans, please contact the Company secretary (info@lunevalleyclt.org)

Ann Denise Lanes