May update and consultation

The Covid-19 emergency and lock-down: Effect on our Mill Lane, Halton scheme

In spite of the lock-down, members of our team continue to work on the various project strands remotely, and have meetings virtually when needed. Work is a bit slower, and some organisations supporting us are very pre-occupied with the emergency, so some dates have gone back. The situation is not directly under our control, and increases uncertainty, but this is mainly about delay, and further delays may emerge.


Since the CLT members’ drop-in on Monday February 17th, we have carried-out further site surveys, reviewed and further developed the site layout and the internal layouts of the homes, getting agreement through regular design team meetings on Zoom. We plan to submit the scheme for Lancaster City Council Planning Permission towards the end of May.

To carry-out our community consultation before planning submission, we have created website to explain our plans and to allow people to comment, since a physical consultations are not possible at present.

The invitation is going out via a pamphlet drop to all neighbouring homes on Mill Lane, Forge Lane and Forgebank Walk, plus local posters, and emails to the CLT’s mailing list, plus neighbouring businesses and organisations, and posts on the Lune Valley CLT and Halton-on-Lune Facebook sites.

We ask for responses by 17th May. 

Alongside the consultation and planning preparation work, we continue to work with our partner South Lakes Housing on the legal work, and grant funding. Lancaster City Council continue to be very supportive.

We are also assisting those involved with Forge Lane and Mill Lane Road adoption. Things are moving forward slowly and hopefully we will see more progress on both roads soon.

If you have any questions, or want to register an interest in a possible home on the Mill Lane site, please contact us at: