Community Green Spaces

One of our aims is to ‘manage local public open space for community access and recreation and for biodiversity’.

The Halton-with–Aughton draft Neighbourhood Plan has two sections related to the idea of Community Green Spaces: Section 9 on sustainable transport, specifically footpaths and cycle paths; and Section 10, on Green Space.

On 13th October 2018, we convened a public workshop in Halton Mill, to generate potential ideas in response to the draft Neighbourhood Plan. Eleven local residents attended. Our wider purpose was:

  • To brief people about the potential opportunities to do more, through our Neighbourhood Plan, but also possibly directly by the Lune Valley CLT or other local organisations, to manage our various green/public open spaces, to give us local people access to landscape that nourishes and enriches us
  • This includes footpaths and recreation, engagement with nature and biodiversity, as part of wider Lune Valley landscape initiatives; and growing food locally.
  • To identify the sites that there actually are.
  • To brainstorm our wildest ideas about what we might be able to do with them

We came up with 34 possible sites, with many possible uses for the community. We hope to organise another public workshop to review these ideas and any new ones before the next draft of the Neighbourhood Plan.


STOP PRESS: The Public Meeting  on January 19th 2022 in Halton Community Centre has been postponed, due to the ongoing covid situation.

We can fit only 20 people (max) in the meeting room safely. So we have decided to go ahead with a restricted meeting and have invited representatives of The Halton Gardening Group, The Parish Council , Halton-with-Aughton Heritage Group and Halton Allotmenteers. We will publish the notes from that meeting, and of course any outcomes,  on this website.

We plan to hold a public meeting at a later date, when it would be safe to do so. where members of Fairfield Community Association will give a talk about their 25 years of developing green spaces and facilities for their local community.