September update

Lune Valley CLT plans to build 20 affordable, eco-friendly homes on one of the two semi-derelict sites between Mill and Forge Lanes.

We are doing this with support from Lancaster City Council, and in partnership with the South Lakes Housing Association. The homes will be affordable both to rent/part buy and to run e.g. very low heating bills.

This is to update you on progress since our ‘drop-in’ session, and other public events, in June.

We ran the housing need survey in Halton and the surrounding area, through June-July. Thank you to all those who took the time to respond. The results have been processed, and we now have a draft report of the results, which clearly show a need for more affordable homes in our area. We expect the final report soon; and will use this to decide exactly what mix of homes – both in size, and the mix of rented or part-owned – are needed on the Mill Lane site. First preference for living in these will go to those with strong village connections; this includes young people, those in essential jobs, and the more elderly too.

We have just heard that we have been successful with our application to Lancaster City Council for grant funding to pay for ‘pre-development’ work. The council press release is here.

This will allow us to start work, with South Lakes Housing, on finalising the site layout, and development of designs, through to applying for Planning Permission.

At the same time we have started the legal work of negotiating to buy the site, with the landowner, and to set up our ‘development lease’ to frame our partnership with South Lakes Housing.

As we make progress, we will consult with the village as we prepare the Planning Permission application. Look out for information on the usual village publicity sites, including for public meetings.

We plan to have a General Meeting on 13th October, to update our members on progress and seek their agreement to our plans.

If you wish to become a member then please fill out a Membership Application, or if you would be interested in living in one of the units then please fill out this form.