Spring Newsletter

Lune Walk in Halton

This development of 20 affordable eco ‘Passivhaus’ homes at Lune Walk on Mill Lane continues to attract media and Housing Industry attention.  It is spreading the word that it is possible to build high quality homes without costing the earth, by adopting high standards of construction and insulation. The resulting homes stay warm with significantly less energy requirements,  thereby avoiding fuel poverty, and have a significantly reduced carbon footprint. The scheme has now won three national housing awards: Best Small Housing Scheme, Best Partnership, and Best Sustainable, Low carbon Design and a regional award: Energy Efficiency Award North-West for Regional Newbuild Project of the Year. You may have seen Lune Walk featuring as an outstanding example of social housing, in an Autumn Channel 4 documentary on ‘Achieving Net Zero’ with Kevin Macleod. Also, it appears on the Everything Electric YouTube channel, here:


We are keen to help deliver more developments like this. Kathy Beaton, Principal Housing Strategy Officer from Lancaster City Council, has said: “Demand for affordable housing since the pandemic is off the Richter scale. We want to do more..”

So, if you would like to see more affordable housing development, can see land that could be used, or existing buildings that might be converted to homes, get in touch with us, and help support the delivery of affordable eco homes for local people.


Public Green Spaces

The CLT worked with the Parish Council, helping to prepare the ‘Green Spaces’ part of its Neighbourhood Plan, promoting the protection of green corridors and green spaces.  If you are interested in better community use of local green spaces, or developing local food-growing initiatives, we would love to hear from you.


Future Plans

We are planning a Road Show to take to various venues in the Lune Valley this year. We aim to share our experiences, in the hope of encouraging other groups to initiate affordable, energy-efficient housing projects to meet the needs of local people.

The General Meeting planned for Thursday April 25th in Halton Mill has been postponed.


Get in touch with us at: info@lunevallyclt.org    www.lunevalleyclt.org